Peter Hagelstein - Issues in Excess Heat

Peter Hagelstein, MIT

Peter Hagelstein, Professor at MIT, discusses the progress made in understanding the excess heat phenomenon since Fleischmann and Pons' announcement in 1989. In this talk, he discussed:

  • Experiments of research groups that have reported excess heat.

  • Increasing the density of active sites on a cathode.

  • Hydrogen loading by method of co-deposition.

Peter Hagelstein - Excitation Transfer

Peter Hagelstein, MIT

Recent experimental evidence suggests the role of phonon-nuclear coupling in excitation transfer among nucleus of atoms. In his second talk, Prof. Hagelstein touched upon these topics:

  • A mathematical formalism to describe these transfer reactions.

  • The discrepancy between theory and experimental results.

  • Explanation of Iwamura's experiment by neutron cluster transfer.

Carl Page - Thoughts on LANR/LENR

Carl Page, Anthropocene Institute

Carl Page, the founder and president of Anthropocene Institute, shared his thoughts on:

  • Addressing the urgency of climate change.

  • Why the fossil fuel industry will collapse.

  • Innovations in conventional nuclear and why cold fusion is promising.

Francesco Celani - Capucin Knot

Francesco Celani of the Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare di Frascati (INFN) discuses the latest geometries of the Capucin knot.



Mitch Schwartz - Aqueous CF Systems having two (2) Driven Modes